“Since I have been coming to Girlfriends Talk I learned how to be confident and make more friends.” Amira age 12 Queens 

“The thing I like about Girlfriends Talk is how we all work together.” Kaila Stanley age 12 Hempstead 

“I like Girlfriends Talk because when I get here I feel as if I can express my feelings.” Kiera age 14 Elmont 

“I like Girlfriends Talk because I feel that it is helping me become a better person.” Noelle age 13 Queens

“What I like about Girlfriends Talk is that we can let out what we want to say without anybody laughing or teasing. I learned that gossip is a bad thing because it can hurt someone’s feelings.” Kionna age 10 Hempstead 

“I like when we talk about music and high school.” Jonelle age 10 West Hempstead

“Girlfriends Talk I am now able to talk about my feelings to girls without having to hide them.” Kierra age 10

“What I like about Girlfriends Talk is that you get to talk with your friends privately and you just let out what you have to say. I think Girlfriends Talk should spread around the world.” Chantrelle age 10 West Hempstead

“During the few months that I have been attending Girlfriends Talk it has been wonderful. These sessions have been very informative as well as enjoyable. During these sessions I have been forced to dig inside myself and it has really helped me improve as a person. The many stories, assignments, and packets that we have shared with one another have given me more self-confidence and a better sense in judgment of character; I am looking forward to the future sessions to come.” Shermania age 14 Hempstead 

“Girlfriends Talk has been an extremely influential program thus far. Straight from the beginning it has tremendously affected my perspective on life and myself as a person. It has changed my view of others as well as myself , in many different but good ways. I now think of myself in a way where only those who matter have the right to an opinion. I’ve once heard someone say “those who mind don’t matter, but those who matter don’t mind,” to me that meant many things but it still reminds me of thesessions that taught me to love and trust myself, in a way it only furthers my self-growth. Each session has taught me a new way to respect myself and to further my growth. I look forward to growing more as these sessions progress.” Asia age 16 Hempstead

“Girlfriends Talk Inc. is a positive organization for girls. It teaches girls to love and appreciate themselves. Each workshop helps girls build character. Every meeting opens girls’ eyes to broader horizons and expands their minds. Girlfriends Talk Inc. is also a place to meet new people and build friendships. It teaches girls to voice their opinions and to never settle for less than their best. I think every girl who has had the opportunity to attend Girlfriends Talk Inc. would say it is a fun, positive place where girls learn.” Jazmyne age 16 Baldwin

“Girlfriends talk, to me is a place where I can just express how I feel and trust that no one will go and try to blow up my spot or anything. It is a place where I have good friends that will give me healthy and helpful advice. It is also a place that helps me to make the right decisions in life. These are the reasons why I really enjoy Girlfriends talk, and am always looking forward to going to it. After a long tiring day at school, sometimes I can be in a really bad mood, but when I go to girlfriends talk I feel much better. Another thing I really enjoy about girlfriends talk is my leader Ms. Natrea. She is so helpful and always there to listen to whatever we have to say.” Quanasia age 15 Baldwin 

“I enjoy Girlfriends Talk because it is a good mentoring program for teenagers.” Nicole age 13 Elmont 

“Girlfriends Talk Inc. promotes and encourages positive development for pre teens and teenage girls. My daughters enjoy the program.”Mrs. Stanley (parent) 

“I found Girlfriend Talk to be a wonderful experience for my daughters. It is a positive program for the influential age.” Ms. Gardner (parent) 

“My daughter loves Girlfriends Talk whatever the discussions are she is getting something out of it which makes me happy.” Mrs. Eason (parent) 

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