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Are You On My Side? (Self Expression Workshop) – Designed to equip girls with the proper tools and healthy ways to express emotions and feelings to become self-aware and self-sufficient. Girls will learn that they are worthy of respect. By focusing on goal setting, journaling, role-playing, poetry writing, drawing and/or dancing girls are given an opportunity to express themselves in a safe and caring environment. 

Girlfriends Reading (Book Club) – Designed to enhance girls’ self confidence through in depth discussion, spoken word, drama, public speaking and story telling. This program will promote life skills, including organization, active listening, goal setting, and group support and communicating clearly.

Avenues (Guest Services and Leadership) – Designed to build self-confidence by helping girls explore exciting new opportunities and have access to a world full of possibilities. Business professionals, community leaders will share why they chose their careers. 

You Better Work! (Social Etiquette) – A fun and interactive program that builds on self-cultural expression, allowing the girls to develop confidence, poise and self-esteem. With lots of hands on activity, girls will reflect and be guided on proper attire, everyday manners, table etiquette, posture and personal grooming.

Financial Success (Financial Literacy) – This workshop will discuss how personal background; attitudes and opinions influence knowledge of money. Through interactive projects and discussions girls will be motivated to save, invest and manage money responsibly. 

Drugs and Substance Abuse Prevention (Awareness and prevention) – Promote leadership and arm girls with information to make positive choices for a bright future. Girls will learn steps to avoid the dangers of substance abuse and are taught about communicating, as well as giving and getting help. The program enhances the development of safe and responsible girls who lead successful, drug free lives. 

College Bound (College Exploration and Readiness) – Designed to teach the importance of good study habits, organizational skills, and proper planning in order to prepare our girls to be college bound and career ready. 

Live To Eat or Eat To Live (Healthy Living) – This program incorporates creative learning activities about nutrition and promotes positive health and fitness lifestyle choices. 

Successful Resume Writing (Career Exploration and Readiness) – Designed to allow girls to explore their own leadership abilities. Girls will learn how to create a resume and properly fill out an school/college and job application. Students will have fun role-playing, public speaking and observing the interview process. 

Let’s Talk About Sex! (Sexual Literacy) – This series will open the lines of communication, destroy false information, and promote abstinence. 

  • Today Effects Tomorrow
  • Video Rumble 
  • Sex Cost!
  • Is It 100%! Your Special Gift

Tap Dancing Only – Program offered to girls and boys ages 3 to adult. Teaching the art of tap, rhythm and step. Tap classes are fun and they emphasizes the benefits of exercising daily, promote confidence, self-esteem and cultural awareness. Classes will get students physically fit and also aid in developing confidence and social skills through group projects and performances.